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Users – Please read the following     

We are currently up-to-date with the Phone Directory.   If you have any questions, want to be added or taken off the list, or see any errors please please send your name, address & phone number(s) to   

HELPIMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE – Parkbridge does NOT update or provide information to this Community Directory.   To maintain current status, residents (& former residents) need to let us know at the above e-mail address.

Phone Directory – CURRENT (click here)

Looking for POSTAL codes for addresses in Sandycove Acres CLICK HERE

For more information about Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association and the many benefits of living in Sandycove Acres please visit the Home Owners web site.   Also shown are regular monthly Newsletters, Social Club programs, Home Fair info, Seminars, and many more items of interest.   Please visit by clicking here 

Be sure to visit the Sandycove Acres Home Owners web site, just CLICK here


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